Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt (fine)

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Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt (fine)

In contrary to the conventional sea salt, Himalayan salt is not refined and does not contain any additives. It contains only naturally present minerals in their natural ratio.


  • It is not refined,
  • it contains 84 different minerals,
  • it restores electrolyte balance,
  • it can be used as a sole to treat various health conditions (skin problems, breathing problems, fever, sore muscles, periodontosis, chronic cough, etc.).
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Product Description

What is it?

Himalayan Crystal Salt comes from Himalayan primal seas since the beginning of lives. At that time, there was no pollution, and it was sun-dried naturally. Therefore Himalayan Crystal Salt is completely pure, no pollutant and has many mineral and trace element we need.


How to use?

Take as a mineral-rich replacement for table salt. It can also be used in the bath, for cleaning nasal passages (one level tsp salt to 500 ml of warm water), as an addition to facial masks or for rehydration (¼ tsp salt to 1 litre of water).



Himalayan Crystal Rose Pink Salt – Fine

Origin: Himalaya


Health benefits

We all know that salt is as important as water to our body. If we drink water, salt is necessary for the body to generate hydroelectric energy, maintain good blood chemistry, balance the correct amount of water in our blood and cells, aid digestion and allow our nervous system and muscles to function normally. Without salt you would not be able to think nor act.

The Himalayan Rock Salt is not same with the table salt we have in our day-to-day lives. The mineral particles in crystal salt are organic and so tiny that they are easily metabolised for the bio-chemical functioning of human cells. Because of this, Himalayan crystal salt is one of nature’s most effective natural remedies. The best way to experience the healing and cleansing properties of salt is to drink sole (solay). Sole is a 1% water/salt solution (the same as our blood, tears and the ocean). But crystal salt can also be sprinkled over food or directly added to water to aid re-hydration.

Crystal salt can help us recover and balance the bodies energy, rebalance acid-alkaline levels, dissolve and releases crystallised deposits (the cause of rheumatic disease, kidney and gallbladder stones), helps breakdown heavy metals such as mercury from dental fillings and cadium from smoking and everyday pollution, normalises blood pressure, cleans the intestines, heals skin diseases, respiratory ailments and helps to weaken addictions.

Raw Rock Crystals Salt is versatile and can also be used to flush the sinuses to prevent runny and congested noses and sinus infections, used as an eye bath to restore moisture to dry eyes, for inhalations to treat respiratory disorders such as bronchitis, as a cleansing bath that has the same detoxifying effect as a three day fast, and for beauty masks and wraps to treat skin irritations, tissue injuries, joint problems, cellulite and for regenerating and tightening the skin.


Why is Original Himalayan Crystal Salt better Than Regular Table Salt?

Ordinary table salt presents an enormous burden to your body. It’s been bleached and chemically stripped of all things beneficial. It is this process that makes common table salt 99% sodium chloride with anti-clumping, toxic additives such as corn sugar or aluminum silicate.

Ordinary salt also causes dehydration. When your body is working to expel excess toxic salt, it forms uric acid. Your body pulls the water from your cells in an effort to neutralize the damage by ionizing the substance into chloride and sodium. Your cells can therefore become dehydrated and eventually die because table salt does not contain any properties that would inhibit the excessive transfer of water out of cells.

Himalayan Crystal Salt does not present this problem. These powerful information transfers regulate the amount of water that’s allowed to pass through cell walls, and preserves the optimal balance.

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