Schizandra Powder

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Schizandra Powder

One of China's most important medicinal herbs.


  • Energy Balance
  • Mental Clarity
  • Liver Protection
  • Anti-Cancer Properties
  • Heart Benefits
  • Gluten free
  • Chemical free
  • Non GMO
  • Vegan
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Product Description

What is it?

Schizandra berries, sometimes spelled as schisandra, are the dried ripe fruit of Schizandra chinensis, a vine native to China. It has a long history of traditional use as a major tonic herb for the whole body, strengthening and toning many different organs with a special affinity for the liver. Its Chinese name is wu-wei-zi, which means five taste fruits. Schizandra has an usually sour, sweet, bitter, warm, and salty taste, hence the name “five taste”. The herb is considered balanced by virtue of this distribution of flavors.

Schizandra is renowned as a beauty tonic and is considered to be a youth preserving herb. It has been used for centuries to make the skin soft, moist and radiant. It is also said to be a powerful tonic to the brain and mind, and is believed in China to help improve memory and strengthen eyesight.


How to use?

Eat 1 small handful (1 oz) per day. Add to smoothies, salads, desserts, yogurt or cereal. Use in homemade trail mixes or energy bars.

The adaptogenic propeties of schizandra may be enhanced by combining it with Goji Berries, Maca, or Reishi medicinal mushroom.



Sun Dried Schisandra Berries

Origin: China


Health benefits

In traditional Chinese medicine, schizandra is highly esteemed because it tonifies all three treasures (Jing, Qi and Shen, which sustain the essential energies for human life). It also tonifies and regulates all five elements and tonifies and regulates all twelve organ-meridian systems.

Schizandra for sexual health and function

Though Schizandra is believed to benefit all the functions of the body, it has historically been considered to most influence the kidney, lung and liver functions. Schizandra is said to increase the Water Qi in the kidney. In particular, it is said to vastly increase the “water of the genital organs,” referring to the sexual fluids. Schizandra is said to promote the production of semen and is famous for its ability to relieve sexual fatigue and increase the sexual staying-power in men. Because of that, it is included in the vast majority of men’s sexual tonics in Asian herbalism. Women benefit from the same capacity to increase Water Qi of the kidney.

It is understood that schizandra increases circulation and sensitivity in the female genitals. Many women claim increased genital warmth and sensation after using schizandra for a period of time. The Chinese sexual classics claim that ongoing use by a woman will increase the amount of “female elixir,” or vaginal secretions, during intercourse. On the other hand, schizandra is used clinically to help counteract vaginal discharge.

For both men and women, schizandra is considered an aphrodisiac. An astringent herb conserves fluids, and in the case of schizandra, it tends to contain sexual fluids until the appropriate time of release. Thus, consuming schizandra for a period of time, one tends to build up sexual fluids. Schizandra is used in sexual formulations to prevent premature ejaculation and to help promote incredible endurance.

Why schizandra is the beauty herb

Schizandra is widely used to beautify the skin and to protect it from the damaging effects of sun and wind. Due to the astringent quality of schizandra, the skin tends to hold its moisture and becomes full and beautiful. It has long been very popular with the wealthy men and women of China because of its youth preserving and rejuvenating effects. It is said that those who use schizandra consistently will remain youthful in both appearance and physiology.

Sharpen concentration, improve memory

Schizandra is considered one of the premium mind tonics of herbalism. It is used to sharpen concentration, improve memory and increase alertness. Yet unlike caffeine and similar stimulants, schizandra does not produce nervousness. In fact, some people consider schizandra mildly “calming,” while producing wakefulness and improved focus.

Liver cleansing tonic herb

Schizandra is one of the primary cleansing tonic herbs used in Chinese herbalism. Schizandra stands along with reishi as the primary liver cleansing agents used in tonic programs. Schizandra does not have the side effects that are associated with many of the “medicinal,” or “inferior” liver cleansing herbs.

By taking schizandra regularly, it is said to be possible to rid the body of toxins before they have a chance to do serious damage. Schizandra, especially alcohol extracts, are widely believed to protect the liver from damage due to poisons, as well as the by-products of living.

Schizandra is among the most popular tonic herbs in Asia and is frequently pictured in ancient art as a symbol of longevity, and even the ability to attain “immortality.”

Energy Balance

Schizandra has gained popularity by providing an alternative to caffeine. According to the book “Herbal Medicine, Healing and Cancer” by Donald Yance, Yance states that the schizandra berry activates the nervous system without the jittery side effect of caffeine. Schizandra has an adaptogenic quality, which means it can restore energy balance to the body. As reported by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, schizandra induced sleep in some mice and reduced sleep in others. Results may vary based on the individual.

Potential Anti-Cancer Properties

According to a human in vitro study that was published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, schizandra inhibits cancer cell growth for cancers such as leukemia. Because the study was performed on human cells in a test tube and not in humans, further research is needed for a complete conclusion, so do not take schizandra as a treatment for cancer.

Potential Heart Benefits

Because of the high level of antioxidants in schizandra, rat studies reported by the U.S. National Library of Medicine conclude that adriamycin-induced cardiotoxicity, or heart muscle damage caused by anti-cancer chemical therapy, can be improved with the antioxidant levels found in schizandra. Further studies are needed to determine human benefits, so do not take schizandra as a treatment for any type of heart ailment.

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