From soil, to harvest, to processing, shipping and storage, we strive to provide
only the finest, purest, most ethical foods on earth.


We are a leading supplier, importer, processor and packager of super foods and other organic ingredients, offering products in bulk bags, white label products (retail ready packaging without the branded label), as a private label producer or contract manufacturer.

Our services are available to every end of the market, no matter the size. We serve industrial, food service and retail clients, from family owned business to international corporations.

Our values are driven by transparency & development. We document all steps in our ingredient sourcing and the rest of the supply chain to meet our commitment of only supplying the best ingredients. Developing relations with farmers and suppliers through collaborative sourcing projects in all regions of the world enables us to offer a wider range of products to our customers.

We source globally and directly from the farmers!

Our products are pristine, nutritionally richest and best-produced super foods, carefully selected from our ever-growing network of reputable manufacturers and processors around the world.

By purchasing our products directly supports small family farmers & indigenous communities around the world. Wherever possible, we connect directly with our sources to ensure fair labor practices and to assist in the development of processing at the source.


We work really hard to bring you great deals! We always source globally and directly from the farmers without interfere of middle agents or companies. The result is best price for you and fair share for farmers.
“White label” refers to retail ready product without the branded label. That way, the reseller can customize the product with their own brand, logo and identity, allowing customers to associate the product with the reseller. Spend up the development process and save all the upfront costs.
Establishing new brands or improving existing brands couldn’t be any easier. Our resourceful and knowledgeable brand consultants will work closely with you throughout the entire process, from conception, formulation; manufacture to shipping, we will guide you in detail, along every step of the way.
Big production minimums are always challenging for small-scale business. We overcame this by completely canceling the minimums.  You want to order just a few pcs of particular product? No problem! We will fulfill any kind of order even if it starts with just 1 pc.
Our commitment to sustainability means we strive to provide the most economic and eco-friendly product possible. We look at all aspects of sustainability from renewable materials to minimizing waste and weight for lower transportation costs.


Passionately serve our customers with the highest quality and safest organic products from family farmers around the world.

Directly partner with people that share our commitment to sustainability, fair trade and biodiversity.